Your Religion Is False



The most important book ever written! Whether youʹre a Christian or a Jew, a Muslim or a Hindu, a Rasta or a Jain, an Environmentalist or a Cheondoist, a Scientologist or a Giant Stone Head Worshipper, your religion is false. In this long-awaited book, Joel Grus reveals the details of not only how your religion is false but also how every other religion is false. When you want to know what not to believe, this is the only book you need. In addition, youʹll learn * Why ʺgodʺ doesnʹt exist * Why thereʹs no such thing as a ʺsoulʺ * How to find ʺmeaningʺ in a religion-less world * Which of your religious heroes are pedophiles * Why ʺreligious toleranceʺ is a terrible idea And, as a bonus, the greatest religious joke ever told. You canʹt afford not to read this book!