Scientists Confront Creationism



In a time when creationist textbooks continue to appear in classrooms and the president of the United States encourages educators to “teach both sides” of the argument, Scientists Confront Creationism presents an accessible defense of evolution and a blueprint to save public education in this country from the dangers of pseudoscience. With sixteen essays from some of the most important advocates in the field, including Kevin Padian, John R. Cole, and Wesley R. Elsberry, Scientists Confront Creationism reveals the persuasive evidence for evolution and the bankruptcy of the creationists’ claims. While telling the history of creationism in America, this powerful collection eviscerates “intelligent design” and reveals the newest tactics taken by antievolutionist proponents. As long as science requires public advocacy, this highly intelligent treasury of scholarship will remain an essential resource for students, teachers, and open-minded citizens