Nukes to stop oil leak:- Biblical Prophecy!

The Bible cannot predict anything !

For the League of Reason show Sunday 18th July 2010 (edited for length and coherence)

Christian caller Thickshades decrees that if you read the Bible 'properly' and with 'wisdom' it is possible to predict the future. He his then asked to use his skill and wisdom in reading the Bible to predict the future with hilariously funny results. Turns out he thinks that in the first instance that the Bible specifically predicts that nukes will be used to seal the oil in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. When he is pushed on this topic by andromedaswake he then kinda has a change of heart and announces that the Bible can't predict crap.

Naturally we invite Thickshades back to clarify exactly how he got from the Bible to nukes in the Gulf of Mexico to seal an oil leak in 2010.

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