Disproving Christianity: Refuting the World’s Most Followed Religion



“This book is an attempt to compile popular and unknown arguments against the principles of the Christian canon. Christianity has become separated into many smaller sects, but retains some constant biblical tenets and divine ideas- it is these similarities that are crucial if my thesis is to be considered a ‘disproval’. Using essays and biblical analysis, I discuss some of the contradictory and controversial passages from the Hebrew Scriptures (which Christians refer to as the “Old Testament”) and the New Testament, along with modern practices, beliefs, and teachings of twenty-first century Christianity in an attempt to make known the discrepancies which have largely been ignored within the Christian Church- especially Western Society.” – David G. McAfee From the back cover: “David G. McAfee introduces his first book- an introductory look into the world of Christianity and the refutation of its key principles. Using (almost exclusively) evidence and passages from the Christian Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, David is able to establish new arguments against the validity of the Christian religion as well as reorganize and reevaluate some of the more traditional debates. Through a close-reading of the Sacred Texts and years of studying the Christian theology from a secular viewpoint, David G. McAfee is able to approach the refutation of Christianity from a reasonable and logical perspective. From contradictions in the Holy Bible, to issues in modern Christian teachings, to problems with the founding pillars of Christianity itself, Mr. McAfee- in this book- is able to successfully Disprove Christianity.”