Christian no more – A former devout Christian dismantles Christianity



Atheists will find excellent arguments to help them defend their positions; Agnostics will appreciate the clarification it brings; Christians who are struggling will find this book a great help in breaking free from their shackles as they learn exactly why there’s no possible way Christianity is true and why they don’t have to worry ever again. The Bible says that the world’s languages began with the Tower of Babel. Today we know better. But how could the Bible contain stories that aren’t true? Author Jeffrey Mark was a devout Christian throughout his life until, during his early 30s, he began studying the Bible more seriously than he ever had. And that’s when he made the disturbing realization that so many stories were simply untrue. For him, this realization started with the Tower of Babel. That in turn launched a series of events that eventually led him to abandon his long-held beliefs. Go into the mind of a former Christian. Understand why he believed what he did, why it was so hard to let go, and why, after understanding the truth about the Bible, he ultimately had no choice but to stop believing. Travel with him as you see how Christianity and Judaism rehash older beliefs that have long been written off as mythical. Find out how the Bible in its original form spoke of multiple gods creating the Earth, and how the dearly-held beliefs of today’s Christians bear no resemblance to the Bible’s stories in their original form. As you take a journey into reason and the scientific method, find out why there is simply no possible way Christianity’s teachings can be true, and why we live in a universe that is guided by science–not by a god and his mythical son who rose from the dead.