HumanLight Social Gathering & Dinner-2014

We are pleased to announce that we will be having Eric Thomas, president of Humanist Canada, speak to our gathering on 'Why wine is the reason for the season' and why these social gatherings are important for our secular community.

HPHC will sponsor finger foods.  The restaurant will have a special dinner menu and cash bar available.  We are looking forward to connecting with other local secular organizations as well.

Come early to network with old friends and make some new ones!


The HumanLight holiday presents an alternative reason to celebrate in the December holiday season!

HumanLight illuminates Humanism’s positive, secular vision. 

Celebrate and express positive humanist ideals and values: Reason, Compassion, Hope, Humanity.

Celebrate and promote a positive vision of a better future — a future in which all people can identify with each other and try to behave with high moral standards — a future which people can build by working together for a happy, just and peaceful world. Celebrate human achievements that help build that future.

Scenes from past HumanLight celebrations:

In many cultures, late December is a season of good cheer and a time for festive gatherings of friends and families. As part of this holiday season, HumanLight is a festive holiday that is entirely secular – not based on any supernatural religious beliefs or theistic concepts.  It is not an attempt to “secularize” any existing religious holiday, and therefore avoids the problems which such attempts can lead to.    

By celebrating and expressing positive human hopes and values, HumanLight has a vibrant and authentic meaning for the secular, non-theistic community.

Photos from the event are avaiable after logging in to MeetUp

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