Jesus Lied

Cj Werleman
0956427618, 978-0956427618
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'Jesus Lied. He Was Only Human' is arguably the most comprehensive and exhaustive debunking of the Christian myth on bookshelves today. Like a forensic accountant, Werleman meticulously pulls apart the New Testament thread-by-thread until the greatest lie ever told is exposed for all to see. Werleman not only reveals the suffering Jesus caused his early followers, he cleverly demonstrates that the New Testament is brim full with contradictory views, conflicting accounts, historical flaws, and irreconcilable discrepancies. Comprehensive. Funny. Entertaining. Engaging. A must read for anyone who wants to silence their evangelical friend. "C.J. Werleman is a warrior for truth and a liberator against superstition. Jesus Lied is his slap across the face of biblical literalism." -Sean Hoade 'Darwin's Dreams' "This book is an all out undermining assault on an old cult that needs to exit stage left. Werleman lights a fire underneath a historically flawed religion. A must read." - Alex Wilhelm 'In Praise of Christopher Hitchens' "With this book, CJ has rightfully earned the title of atheism's preeminent 'blue collar intellectual'. No one has successfully brought down a religious faith as comprehensively and meticulously as he." - Tim Hawken 'Hellbound'

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Author of the best-selling God Hates You - Hate Him Back
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