Can We Be Good Without God

Robert Buckman, PhD
014305127X, 978-0143051275

Where do our beliefs come from? During prayer or meditation are we communicating with God? Or does the concept of God originate in our own minds? In this wide-ranging book, Dr. Robert Buckman takes us on a journey through the history of human belief, combining philosophy, theology, and new scientific research to discover the origins of religious faith and explore the dilemmas and contradictions of religion in the modern world. Buckman also examines the relationship between beliefs and ethics. Many of us use rules set by our religion to guide our behavior, yet now, more than ever, religious doctrine can seem out of alignment with our sense of ethical conduct. If you don't believe in God, can you still behave decently and ethically? This revised and updated edition helps us understand not just why we believe, but how our beliefs affect our actions and how a code of ethics can exist without a deity at its center.