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Letter to Carolyn Parrish

Letter to Councillor Carolyn Parrish sent t by our Past President, John Jackson:

I also wish to express my support for your recent stand on the issue of prayers at Mississauga City Council. Your advocacy for all citizens, including non-believers, and your recognition of the need to be neutral in the public domain was not shared by your fellow councillors. The requirement for neutrality was expressed recently by the Supreme Court of Canada and its message was unequivocal.

Letter to Mississauga Mayor

The following letter was sent by our Community President, John Jackson, to the Mayor of Mississauga and Mississauga News pertaining to the recent Supreme Court Landmark decision regarding prayers at city councils:

Mayor Crombie-

Thank you and your Council for your warm reception last December 17 at the Council meeting. At the meeting, the invocation of a prayer at the start of Council meetings was discussed following a presentation to Council. No real changes were implemented as a result of the presentation other than suggesting to the large contingent of your supporters (most of them Catholics) in attendance that they should remain seated during the introductory prayer. We were impressed with your abilities to garner the support of the religious community when you felt it expedient to fill the Council chambers with supporters for The Lord's Prayer in an obvious attempt to demonstrate an overwhelming support for keeping the prayer.

Another Symposium, Same Propaganda !

On Wed 16th Nov one of us, aka Dr Kevin Saldanha, was cordially invited to participate at the Interfaith Symposium entitled 'Religion: A Source of Terror or Peace', organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Milton. There were 3 representatives of the major monotheistic religions and Kevin as a Secular Humanist. Once again we would like to thank our hosts for their wonderful hospitality and their awesome Samosas. Kevin had an interesting presentation with worldwide statistics trying to make a connection between Religiocity, Poverty and Violence Levels, Welfare and Happiness. His presentation can be found here: Dr K. Saldanha's Presentation at the Interfaith Symposium 2011 [4.7 mb].

Divine Planning?

Ask a Christian what is the meaning of life and he will most probably tell you that we are placed here to praise the Lord and pass on His message. So the meaning of life is to devote yourself to the glory of God and to do everything possible to please Him.

Unfortunately, I have some issues with this reasoning. Why would such a powerful entity create us and then ask us to praise Him? Was He lonely or something? That sounds way too ego-centric and selfish; clearly this is typical of human way of thinking, not divine.