Divine Planning?

Ask a Christian what is the meaning of life and he will most probably tell you that we are placed here to praise the Lord and pass on His message. So the meaning of life is to devote yourself to the glory of God and to do everything possible to please Him.

Unfortunately, I have some issues with this reasoning. Why would such a powerful entity create us and then ask us to praise Him? Was He lonely or something? That sounds way too ego-centric and selfish; clearly this is typical of human way of thinking, not divine.

Upon asking that, I am usually told that I cannot understand God's divine plan. Granted I cannot, if He exists, but if I cannot, how can others? Why are Christians so certain that this is part of a higher plan that our simple minds fail to comprehend? I have met some religious people who really believe that the Holly Spirit talks to them hence they are convinced of the divine plan. However, most Christians don't claim that.

I also have another issue. Why would He give us free will but demand to praise Him, otherwise we'll burn in Hell? That is actually twisted. Why would he let Adam and Eve eat the apple and punish His entire Human Creation? I mean, what kind of divine purpose is that? It's not that He did not know that the snake would be sneaky!

As I grow older and see parts of my body starting to degrade, I realise that there is no divine plan. I have to either assume that the Almighty is a twisted bully, or more likely, that there is no Almighty. Why would such a powerful Creator punish billions of humans because the first two got corrupted by a snake? I was not even born back then! Why is it my fault? If He got so annoyed all He has to do is just switch us off when it is time. Why does the whole world have to suffer because of the Original Sin? Jee, talk about a 6,000 year old grudge, give or take a few billions years Wink

Christians see order and creation. I see absolutely none of this. I see endless misery with survival of the fittest at its best, or worst, depending on how you look at it. I see the Original Sin as a nice old myth that has lasted for 2,000 years. I see pain and suffering caused by humans on other humans and the rest of this planet. Often, I see this pain and suffering been caused in the name of a God by the religious extremists.

There is definitely something that does not quite add up here. What is more likely; that there is a Creator with an incomprehensible-by-humans divine plan which includes pain and misery or that there is simply no such entity and things just are the way they are?

What do you think?